Money Moves With Serena: DETOX

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Ready to take the first step?

You know when you feel so ready to level up, but you try and hit road block after road block, which happens- don’t get me wrong!

However, a lot of times we cause our road blocks. We’re scared to take opportunities so we create excuses for put our focus on more menial tasks to distract us from the big picture! I’ve been there. It’s an awful place to be especially when you know you have so much value to offer, which could earn you a BIG return.

So, what do you do? How do you overcome this personal baggage? It’s not easy and it’s you might have to do it a couple times, but you need my Detox Workbook!

I am offering you an opportunity to get real with yourself- you need this! It’s my gift to you, all you need to do is take it.