All About Serena

Serena started out by creating a business called The General Store, which serves attendee’s at some of America’s biggest music festivals (Coachella, Lost Lands, Kaaboo, and Stagecoach- to name a few.)  She found her niche in the industry and provides a superior service that makes her a respected female figure in the music festival industry.

Having been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and taking her business from zero to one-hundred, Serena has experienced success and failure. Giving her knowledge and insight into what it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur in a male run industry.

Now that she has created a successful business, raising a toddler, and endlessly creating herself and the lifestyle she desires, she now wants to give back. Give back to women of all ages and teach them the skills and tools to take ownership of their lives and level up in business by creating a community here at SFC.

Festival Life

The General Store

Serena was the girl at the festival who broke her wedge and was in desperate need of superglue. While she sat in the grass she looked around and listened...


It was in that moment that she started her first business, The General Store.

The General Store caters to festivals and festival goers, providing them with everything they forgot, need, and don't realize they need. The General Store employ's over 250 music loving people a year, dedicated to providing excellent customer service to the thousands of customers they interact with at festivals. 

Serena has continued to expand and excel with The General Store by creating an exciting and fun work environment. Her happy team has won over the hearts of festival producers and goers across the United States.

and on top of it all, she's a


In addition to running a business and being an entrepreneur Serena is also a mother. After spending her twenties and thirties scaling her business and focusing on self growth, Serena decided to dive head first into motherhood.

Serena works really hard to create a divine balance between raising her son and evolving her businesses. It's not always a walk in the park, especially as a single mother!

For Serena it's very important to raise her little boy the best way she can, which means raising him with the fundamentals of being honest, listening, and understanding. Her son is her everything above all else and it's not enough being successful in business, its everything to be a successful parent.