Life is a journey
to be experienced.



I’m Serena Flowers

I created my first business in my early twenties and it’s evolved into what’s now, The General Store. Now I’m branching off and venturing out. Creating new side hustles, like my AirBnB, which is blowing up! I’m also taking my skills and knowledge from the festival world to help businesses and corporations who are creating conferences and retreats by offering valuable and rewarding experiences for their clients, employee’s, tribe’s, and more.


Create An Experience…

When it comes to planning your next big event, whether it be a conference for 5,000+ people or a retreat for 8, I’m your new go to girl! Having served the festival world for 18+ years I've learned a thing or two. I am able to understand and breakdown barriers between the event go-er and the event! Let’s face it, you want to create EXPERIENCES, memories that are going to make an impact in that event goers life. The experiences you offer (or don’t offer) can make or break your event! Let’s chat about what you’re planning. Schedule a call with me by clicking the button below.


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